KITS Production Studio for a Cause

Disrupting the foster care-to-prison-&-homelessness pipeline.
Increasing career readiness, social capital & personal wellness.

Since 2009, KITS has empowered foster youth to heal & grow through the vehicle of film with our script-to-screen program.
Now, operating as a social enterprise, KITS will use the tools & labor income of the entertainment industry 
to provide racial & economic equity

to LA’s most underserved youth through workplace training in – & the artistic outlet of – filmmaking & other creative industries.

Watch the below video to take a sneak peek of our 3D walk-through model.


KITS will use the entertainment industry's tools & labor income to provide racial & economic justice to LA's most underserved youth through the KITS Production Studio.

  • This social enterprise studio allows independent producers to shoot films while supporting our organization & employing our youth

  • This education center will house the Script to Screen flagship program including classrooms, conference space & KITS administrative offices

  • This dedicated location will facilitate paid work for foster youth producing corporate-commissioned PSAs

  • The facility will serve as a permanent home base where foster youth can belong, socialize, network, learn filmmaking skills, access mental health resources, & produce their own independent film projects

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  • The entertainment industry generates $43 billion in labor income annually

  • There are enough kids in the L.A. County foster care system to fill the Staples Center not once, but twice

  • Within 3 years of aging out of the child welfare system, 40% of foster teens are
    unemployed, homeless or in the prison system

  • Hollywood's anti-Black bias costs $10 billion in lost revenue a year

  • While only 8% of L.A. residents are Black, 24% of youth in the foster care system are Black


The studio will operate seven days a week as an innovative learning, vocational & social enterprise. It will provide foster youth with a safe and creative space to heal, create content, and learn the entertainment industry's intricate details while being gainfully employed. Industry professionals will pay it forward through renting one or more of our many sets to create their films, TV shows, and other digital and media content with the caveat of hiring our youth – identified as Young Professionals – to work on their projects.

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This $5 million-dollar-project is aimed to be completed in 2024, with the fundraising goal of $2.5 million by May 6, 2023 (our 14th birthday!) to purchase the building and begin build outs.

For major gifts and corporate engagement, please contact Tige Charity at or 818-945-2009.

As the studio provides real opportunities to empower foster youth to be self-sufficient, it will be creating racial & economic justice
for these often overlooked and most vulnerable youth. We invite you to become a part of something with a lasting impact,
both for the creative economy and foster youth here in Los Angeles!