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This compilation DVD features 8 dynamic short films written, cast, and starring foster youth. The purchase of their work helps ensure that the program will continue to change lives--one film at a time.

8 Short Films - Season 9 (2018)

SKU: 366615376135191
  • Hide & Seek

    (Horror) Four girls’ innocent game of hide and seek takes a turn when they realize they are not alone.

    Director: Grant Housley



    (Drama) A school shooting is explored from the point of view of five people.

    Director: David Mahmoudieh


    The Last Day

    Dramedy) Four teen girls and inmates, plot to escape from a Super Powered Lockdown Facility, overcoming obstacles and learning personal lessons along the way.

    Director: Cady McClain


    Little Orphan Hermoine

    A starry-eyed optimist, finds herself placed in an orphanage with a group of depressed teens who she teaches hope through music.

    Director: Shannon Flynn


    Love Just Is

    Comedy) Three siblings learn a valuable lesson about how to show appreciation to their mother.

    Director: A. Laura James


    Saving Dalenzi

    (Drama) A teenage girl who is kidnapped off the streets for sex trafficking is rescued by a group of girls and reunited with her father.

    Director: Aundre Johnson


    Staying True

    (Drama) A high school girl who struggles with being different finds comfort knowing she’s not alone.

    Director: Alphonso McAuley


    System Failure

    (Drama) A school shooting is explored from the point of view of five people.

    Director: Robert Munic