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Top 5 Revealed! - KITS National Short Screenplay Competition 2022

As Destin Daniel Cretton shared at the KITS Film Awards, "everyone's film (or in this case, script) is somebody's favorite."

This sentiment holds true as this competitive collection of short scripts made its way through the first round of judging. Every submission not in the Top 5 had *at least* one perfect score! Truly, every script was somebody's favorite.

The Top 5 short screenplays are (in alphabetical order):




"The Fifth Stage" "Uncovered Lovers"

To our TOP 5 screenwriters: CONGRATULATIONS!! Your short screenplays are already on their way to the next round of judges. Thank you for telling your stories. Thank you for sharing them with us. Whatever happens from here, you all have so much to be proud of.

To each youth who completed & submitted a short script: words cannot express how proud we are of you. That alone is no small feat! You can do GREAT THINGS & we have already seen proof of that by your accomplishments thus far. Keep going. Keep writing. Keep telling YOUR STORIES, your way. The sky is no limit for you, just another level. We'll be here supporting & rooting you on the entire way! Remember - every one of your scripts was somebody's favorite.

Stay tuned for our Top 3 announcement, coming next Monday, April 25th!!

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