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That’s a Wrap! KITS Shoots "Scripted" and "Run," its First Two Script-to-Screen Films of 2022

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Earlier this month, Kids In The Spotlight (KITS) shot Scripted and Run, its first productions of the 2022 Script-to-Screen program. Scripted was written and performed by teens (12-17) enrolled in the KITS Script-to-Screen cohort at Inglewood’s Legacy Arts Connection (LAC) in partnership with Silver Screen Pictures. Run was written and performed by our transitional age youth (18-22), including interns from She Ready Foundation, also enrolled in the cohort at LAC.

Directed by Julia Verdin, Scripted tells the story of a group of film students who set out to produce a movie for a class—then discover the film they’re shooting has started to mirror their lives, and that one of them might be killed.

Verdin also directed Brown, a 2019 KITS film. KITS alumnus Joseph Roa, Brown co-writer and co-star, reunited with his former director on the Scripted set, working behind the scenes as a grip. “Joseph has a great future ahead of him,” Verdin said about Roa, who is currently working in production full time after completing the Streetlights Production Assistant Training program and subsequent grip training they offered at Radford Studio Center.

KITS youth Daniel Williams also worked on the Scripted set as a PA. KITS acting mentor Antonio D. Charity joined the set to provide support for the cast.

Directed by Brandon Broady, Run hones in on a unique and authentic story about mental health, addressing the stigmas that cause people to hide their issues and/or prevent them from not getting the mental health care help they need.

Run is the seventh film Broady has directed with Kids In The Spotlight. Returning with him was Director of Photography Sam Akinyele, who has shot KITS films with both Broady and Abdul Malik Abbott.

"For many of the foster youth, this is the first film they've ever acted in. I was really proud of them because they really brought the emotion," Broady shared, "It feels really good to make such a moving piece."

Supporting the youth, She Ready Foundation founder and actress Tiffany Haddish made a cameo appearance in their film. Two youth served behind the camera as Script Supervisor and Boom Operator on their film. Kayla Young, producer on The Kelly Clarkson Show, joined as a volunteer on set. And LAC's own Kristina Bolden served as both costume and set designer.

KITS thanks The Camera Division for providing the Scripted production with an in-kind camera package. Huge thanks to Radford Studio Center and MBS Equipment Company for providing a grip/lighting package in-kind on both sets and to Warner Bros. Property Department for the in-kind props for both productions. Thanks also go out to Impeccable Taste Catering for delivering breakfast, lunch, and craft services; Make-up Designory (MUD) for providing makeup volunteers on both sets; and Ke from Komé Beauty for doing hair on the set of Run. It takes a village!

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