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New KITS Film Rite of Passage Explores Themes of Life, Death, and Fate

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Production Attracts Praise for KITS from High-Profile Staff and Set Volunteers

In late August 2022, Kids In The Spotlight (KITS) produced Rite of Passage, a short film written by and starring transitional age youth enrolled in KITS’ University of Southern California-located Script-to-Screen summer program.

Rite of Passage tells the story of two brothers in the middle of a fight who get trapped in a mysterious elevator that reveals to them blood has nothing to do with family.

Stunt coordination training for Rite of Passage was an important part of the actors’ preparation for filming a fight scene. Watch this training session with stunt master Jahlil Wallace (Doom Patrol, Star Trek: Picard, Rebel Moon) and KITS youth.

The film, shot at Ideal Sets and Kayne Eras Center - Exceptional Children's Foundation (ECF), was directed by Paramount Pictures executive Grant Housley (Senior Manager Mastering, Worldwide Technical Operations).

“What I love most about Kids In The Spotlight is seeing young people at such a vital age take on the challenge of creating and starring in their own films,” Housley said.