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Monday Morning Fun with 'My Boys'

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Thanks to Sony Pictures and Entertainment Weekly, the cast** of My Boys is using their special reunion episode to bring awareness & support to Kids In The Spotlight!!

"My Boys" Reunion Episode supporting KITS
"My Boys" Reunion Episode supporting KITS

Join the fun Monday, 6/22 at 9am PST/12pm EST here: MY BOYS REUNION

**In case you didn't know, our KITS Ambassador Kellee Stewart is a part of this cast & helped make this happen!!!

From cast member, Jamie Kaler, "The #myboys gang got together and shot a reunion episode that brings you up to speed on where all the characters ended up. And yes, there are kids involved. ;-) It was such a blast to hang as a cast again and kudos to our fearless leader and creator @bthomer (Betsy Thomas) for writing an original script as a continuation. It’s current day, middle of a pandemic, and wait til u see what all the characters are doing now. #hilarious And it’s all raising money for a good cause. Please pass along to any fans of the show. It’s pretty amazing."

And because Sony & Entertainment Weekly are serious in supporting Kids In The Spotlight, they've started a fundraiser here: My Boys for KITS

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