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Los Angeles' Newest Production Studio is Now Open! See this hidden Van Nuys gem at KITS Open House

You are invited to join us at the KITS Production Studio Open House. Come see the 5300-square-foot hidden Van Nuys gem for yourself! This informal Open House gives you a three-hour window over the course of three days to come take a tour of the space and see how you can partner with KITS.

Your continued support of the studio - through use of its space - will help pay it forward as KITS seeks to bridge the gap between two of the biggest forces on the L.A. economy, the entertainment industry and the foster care system. As the studio is rented out, you will be a partner in generating incomes to impact outcomes for transitional age youth, ages 18-24, as a minimum of two Young Professionals will serve as PAs per production through KITS workforce development program. By doing so, KITS can create over 800 work opportunities annually for young adults aging out of foster care.

Join the Purpose Partners wall

KITS Friends*: $5000-$24,999 KITS Champions*: $25,000-$74,999 KITS Influencers*: $75,000-$149,999 KITS Stars*: $150,000-$499,999 KITS Celebrities*: $500,000+ **Leave a lasting legacy as your name(s) are added to our Purpose Partners wall at the studio when you make one of the above contributions!