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KITS Wins Big at Film Festival

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Two films from the Kids in the Spotlight library tuned out to be big winners at this year's Flicks4Change Film Festival held last Saturday at South Park Center in Los Angeles.


From among the hundreds of films submitted for consideration this year, a total of 20 were selected. The 2018 KITS productions of "Kurupted"and "System Failure" won three of seven awards, including Best Actor (Ezekiel Almonte) and Best Voice for Change.

The annual event features socially-conscious films from around the world in an effort to create meaningful change through storytelling, activism, and philanthropy.

System Failure Poster

"Kurupted" Poster

Among those on hand to cheer on our filmmakers Kids in the Spotlight Executive Director Tige Charity, Program Director Martin Russell Johnson, and KITS Board President Gregory Metzger.

Like KITS, Flicks4Change's mission is not simply to make showcase great films, but to "turn art into activism." To learn more about this awesome organization, visit:

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