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Foster Youth Advocacy is Needed Now More than Ever: KITS Welcomes Youth Advocate Specialist

Kids In The Spotlight knows foster youth are often overlooked, as a majority of those who find themselves in the foster care system are suffering from neglect. Unfortunately, the pandemic has only amplified that experience of being overlooked.

As a result, and in achieving our goal to make sure our youth are seen, supported, and reassured that they belong here and they add value to this world; KITS is happy to introduce you to our Youth Advocate Specialist, Stephanie Grijalva.

Stephanie brings to the table a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to help our youth with resources they need in the present, in order to be prepared for future goals in college, career, and community leadership.

Some fun things to know about Stephanie:

  • She's an avid horror and true crime documentary watcher! If you've got some good suggestions for her, let her know.

  • She loves pickles, Hot Cheetos, and/or cucumbers with Tajin, lemon & chamoy.

  • She's a #boymom with a dog & cat.

  • She loves to write short, scary stories!

KITS Youth & Alumni: you will be meeting Stephanie, personally, very soon!! And her email inbox is open at so feel free to say hello & introduce yourself!