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KITS Welcomes Program Director Qualiéma Green

New Hire to Direct Programming, AKA, the Heart of the Organization

Our team at Kids In The Spotlight believes in the creativity, talent, and resiliency of the youth we serve. Our goal is to ensure our youth are seen, heard and supported, that they know they belong here, and that they add value to the world.

Members of the KITS team are like-minded in affirming our youth and helping them develop the tools to unlock their unlimited potential. This week, KITS is thrilled to announce its newest team member: incoming Program Director Qualiéma Green.

Qualiéma (pronounced Kwa-lee-ma) says she believes in the power of love, truth, and art to heal hearts and forge connections. Qualiéma channels her belief in art through acting, language, and emotion. She discovered her love of dramatic arts in her hometown of Oakland, California.

Qualiéma observes that in every person lives a drama, a tragedy, a comedy, and a love story. She quotes James Baldwin’s observation that “[a]ll art is a kind of confession, more or less oblique. All artists, if they are to survive, are forced, at last, to tell the whole story.”

With a professional background in social services and community outreach, Qualiéma brings to her new role at KITS her expertise in developing engagement focused on mental wellness and a practical approach to self-love. She says that to truly invoke change, the heart and mind of human connection must be explored.

Make plans to help us give Qualiéma a big KITS welcome on Friday evening at our Virtual Table Read!

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