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KITS Welcomes Fund Development Specialist to Help Launch New Production Studio Project

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Kids In The Spotlight is bringing a visionary new project to life: Production Studio for a Cause. Production studio rentals will support year-round programming for KITS youth! The studio will also provide a place for youth to socialize, create films, learn media arts, get jobs, and grow their entertainment industry resumes.

Fundraising for this $3.5 million project will be led by multiple specialists, including KITS’ new Fund Developer, Megan Hobza (she/her).

Megan has been writing persuasive proposals and raising funds for nearly 30 years. Most recently, a proposal she developed for a local LGBTQ center was awarded $4.2 million by the State of California.

Some fun things to know about Megan:

· Her hobbies include videography and photography

· For five years, she was the chef of a vegan pop-up restaurant in Los Angeles

· She has been a founder of a time bank, a free store, and an urban farm

· She loves improvisational, sketch, and stand-up comedy

KITS Alumni: Want to know more about where that $3.5 mil is coming from? Have ideas you want to share? Megan’s email inbox is open at

KITS Youth: Megan will be on set to check out a few KITS productions, so feel free to say hello and introduce yourself!

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