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KITS Production Studio Welcomes GAP's STEP UP Summer Program for Behind the Scenes Field Trips

Updated: Aug 4

Kids In The Spotlight (KITS) was happy to welcome GAP (Gang Alternative Programs) Gangfree Life to the KITS Production Studio with Purpose for fun, hands-on learning about creative jobs in the entertainment industry.

Their summer program, STEP UP, is an acronym for:

  • Support all students through a diverse and equitable program.

  • Teach students correct language, math, science, and arts, giving them the knowledge they need to be successful and connected to their school and its staff.

  • Educate students with sustainable skills so they become lifelong learners.

  • Prevent students from joining gangs, dropping out of school, or disconnecting from society.

  • Uplift students to STEP UP! to the promise of their potential rather than step down to the lie of false limitations.

  • Prepare students to think, lead, and serve.

Over the course of three days, more than 200 students from Ambler Elementary, Catskill Elementary, and 232nd Place Elementary toured the studio space, giving students the opportunity to explore and experience a production studio for the first time.

While a handful of KITS Alumni served as tour guides, taking kids from set to set, various stations were also set up at the studio for the kids to experience tutorials in:

  • Makeup

  • Costuming

  • Arts

  • Dance

  • Green Screen

KITS Youth Engagement and Talent Coordinator, Tamesha Scott, led the makeup design workshop, a perfect fit as she's served as Hair and Makeup Coordinator on many KITS film sets.

Costume Designer, Rahimah Yoba, brought a wealth of knowledge as she led a discussion on the importance of costuming in storytelling. Rahimah's work includes nine KITS short films as well as notable film and TV projects (One Night in Miami, The Neighborhood, Empire). Arthur Romeo, voice-over actor (Jyubei on YASHAHIME), writer, and director, led a workshop station on arts. KITS alumna and recent UCLA graduate, Sherrie B., led a workshop on dance and movement. And, lastly, our Studio Manager, Ed Broaddus, wowed the kids with the magic of the studio's 65-foot green screen.

Throughout the field trip, the stations showed them sustainable skills that can be mastered as well as allow them to be lifelong learners in whatever career field they decide to go into. The courtroom set allowed them to envision careers as lawyers and judges, and the hospital set allowed them to dream of being doctors and nurses.

The tour guides also gave them a glimpse at stepping up into the promise of their potential, whatever that may be, as they shared the films they were able to write, cast and star in through KITS.

Pictured to the right is alum, Zeke A., standing below the film poster he's pictured in for "System Failure," the 2018 KITS film he won Best Actor for, as he gives a tour to some of the GAP students.

Most importantly, the kids expressed excitement in learning from diverse individuals who look like them, professionals who took the time to give back and serve their community. From the alums who served as tour guides to our fantastic community of industry professionals who came in to teach, the students were able to see the incredible things they have been able to achieve and were able to dream bigger about the amazing opportunities they themselves can reach in the near future.

After all, they too were created to do great things!

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