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KITS Kicks Off Year-Long Anniversary Celebration and Foster Care Awareness Month

On May 6, 2008 Kids in the Spotlight started a revolution! The mission to help foster youth heal from the trauma of foster care through the power of storytelling and filmmaking. And here we are over a decade later celebrating the many successes of our youth. There's

Mary who came to KITS when she was 11 years old and went on to write and/or appear in four films. Now Mary serves as on the KITS Board of Directors, paying it forward by reaching back to the next generation of KITS kids. An aspiring actress, she can also be seen in the new HBO Documentary, “Foster” airing on May 7th.

Among our success is Daveion who started KITS at 15 and wrote his first film, “The Lonely Ones” during the program. Today, the once surly and reticent youngster directs big budget music videos for artists such as the Grammy-nominated group, The Fall Out Boys. His latest video “One Missed Called” by PJ dropped last week.

At 16, Noel started our program and begins her second year as a paid intern at the premiere talent agency, ICM Partners. An outspoken advocate for foster care children’s rights, Noel has been accepted into the National Foster Youth Institute (NFYI) at the 2019 Congressional Shadow Day Experience in Washington, D.C.

We could go on and on...

And you can help us continue to provide this platform by making a special anniversary gift of $10.00 to celebrate our 10 years of making a difference. Simply click the donate button.

Be a champion for our you because it really does take a village.

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