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KITS Helps Transitioning Foster Youth Learn Filmmaking the Right Way

Kids in the Spotlight has partnered with the Right Way Foundation to bring the KITS program to a special group of foster kids in the Greater Los Angeles area. This group of youngsters represents perhaps the most underserved in the foster care system--those who "age out" or are emancipated. It is estimated that 36% of foster youth experience homelessness within 18 months of becoming emancipated. KITS is thrilled to join the foundation's efforts to instill hope while teaching marketable skills that will better their chances of securing viable employment in the film industry. #kidsinthespotlight #rightwayfoundation #fostercare #filmmaking

KITS Founder and Executive Director Tige Charity and Program Director Ryan Gibson are on hand to kick off the first week by sharing the vision, laying ground rules, and stirring the excitement about what's ahead.