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Introducing the KITS Awards

It was about midway through the planning of last year's "Movies By Kids Screening and Awards" event that it became apparent that Kids in the Spotlight had turned a corner. It had "leveled up." In the 10 years since its inception, the quality of instruction and the films produced had evolved from good to great. Foster youth who had participated in the program were landing paid internships at ICM Partners, being signed to agencies, continuing their education in filmmaking, and launching amazing careers. But there was a feeling that one KITS tradition was overdue for a make-over. Introducing...

KITS Awards 2019

10th Anniversary Gala

November 2, 2019 | 3 pm

Paramount Pictures Studios

First, it needed a new name. "I felt the original name had served us well to the extent it could. However, it is a mouthful. In fact, the name used to be longer," laughs KITS Awards Executive Producer- Director, T. Faye Griffin. "I wanted the show to be rebranded in such a way that it becomes instantly recognizable and easy to remember. You've got the the Oscars, the Tonys, the Grammys, now the KITS." Griffin, who also writes the star-studded screening and awards ceremony hosted by Ty Burrell, was the founding Program Director and lead screenwriting instructor for the organization.

Her producing partner for the event is actress and Emmy Award-winning documentarian Tiffany Thomas, who is most excited about the show's move to the historic Paramount Pictures Studios lot. "Over the past nine years we've been everywhere from the WGA Theater to Sony Pictures to Raleigh Studios. Fox was so gracious to host us for four whole years in their Zanuck Theater," says Thomas."But I can't wait for people to see what we've set up at Paramount. There's so much Hollywood history there. And the Paramount Theater is pretty amazing. The KITS Awards is really going to shine."

Next, enter Daveion Thompson of Daveion Thompson Studios. A former KITS kid and ambassador now based in New York. A highly sought after designer and video director who is responsible for giving Fall Out Boy their look on the "Church" video, paid it forward by re-branding the show's look with an updated logo and color palette that afford the show a more contemporary, linear vibe.