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Former Child Star Flips the Script

Corey Feldman moves to the head of the class.

Actor Corey Feldman's resume shines with modern classics such as "Stand by Me," "The Goonies," "Gremlins," and "The Lost Boys." Last weekend, he added to the list,"Parallel" a short written, cast, and starring youngsters from the KITS program

Feldman, a former child actor, graciously volunteered his time to appear as a school principal. The moment was not lost on the voice actor and singer who posted the following on his Instagram account: " On set 2day in a class rom, feeling very odd standing next 2 the lockers as I have done so many times B4 on sets...except this time...I played the prinicipal! All 4 charity, of course! This is a "student film" created by kids 4 kid under the baner @kidsinthespotlight a #fosteryouth program supported by @be_warnerbros where real industry pros don8 their time to do short films written by real students. 2nites episode was about #childhoodsexualassualt #csa n the classroom! GR8 cause! Important topics! #kids2 #preserveinnocence #passthecva"

Directed by KITS ambassador David Mahmoudieh ("See You Soon" "Kurupted"), "Parallel" examines the contrasts between a teenaged girl being sexually violated by a male teacher and a teen boy experiencing the same with a female teacher.

Director Dave Mahmoudieh on set with a couple of "friends."

The film is the sixth of 11 films being produced by KITS this year. All the films will premiere Saturday, November 2nd at Paramount Pictures during the 2019 KITS Awards.

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