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DPA Pre-Oscars® Luxury Gift Suite Event to Benefit Kids in the Spotlight

Updated: Jan 14

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Nathalie Dubois and DPA are celebrating the Oscars in her famous “DPA Pre-Oscars Gift Suite” at The Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (January 29th, 2020) -- DPA is hosting its famous pre-Oscars luxury gifting lounge at hidden Luxe Sunset Boulevard hotel and will be offering guests amazing new international and luxurious products. DPA will also bring awareness as well on two charitable organizations: Kids in the Spotlight and the Sierra Club.

The gift lounge will be set up in the Brentwood Suites of the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel and will be opened to guests February 7 and 8, 2020 from 10am to 7pm.

The suite is very international with brands coming from countries such as Japan, Canada, Finland, France and French Polynesia, Mexico, Switzerland, Indonesia, Czech Republic, Spain, and of course the USA!

Guests will discover new wellness and beauty products, in our wellness space: HAAS Wellness Center, will offer to the DPA guests, certificates for facials, body sculpting or laser treatments. Euglena is a Skin care that gives vitality to the skin with their versatile lineup of all-in-one cosmetic products developed from Euglena, aging care cosmetics that focus on the skin's natural beauty, and inner beauty supplements and drinks.

Sparti Scents, is a new and innovative fragrance brand that will excite and delight consumers with new textures and delivery systems that are fun, colorful, playful, engaging and interactive. It is where the art of fragrance meets the science of skincare with skin loving ingredients. The Honey Hive soaps is specialized in handmade and all-natural soaps and will launch its line of lip balms., Sakury Cosmeceutical represents a new generation of microdermabrasion - mineral silica hydro-microdermabrasion for cosmetic and derma care, and using 99.7% of pure quartz. Shalia Botanicals will gift a BLESSED Kit featuring four CBD-based Wellness products and A Method, a medical grade skincare by Tina Alster, M.D. will gift a collagen boost peptide eye cream and a TCA retexturizing cream. French startup Fazup will gift its anti-radiation patches, and we will be able to see lots of stars on the red carpet with the patches on their cellular phones.

Stars attending the DPA event will be also able to pick up last-minute items for the red carpet: Swiss Demarquet is returning with its “Night and Day” bags, with a special red-carpet collection. Madame Nadine will present a brand-new handmade collection of jewelry and some of her super long lace earrings are going to be the talk of the city. Fallen Stars will also offer for the second time its Herkimer diamonds, from its mine on the East Coast.

DPA will also offer two amazing trips for favorite travelers: 5 well-known stars will get trips to Relais and Chateaux’s LE TAHA’A ISLAND RESORT AND SPA in the vanilla island of Taha’a, five minutes from Bora Bora and SOORI BALI, which features one of Bali’s 10 most beautiful swimming pools according to the August 2017 issue of Robb Report, will also pamper 10 selected guests at one of the most exquisite luxurious locations in Bali.

The most unique products in this year DPA pre-Oscars gift suite are certainly from DeafMetal. Deafmetal® is an award-winning jewelry innovation for hearing aid users. Deafmetal transforms hearing aids into personalized and designer jewelry. After winning several innovation contests nationally and globally in less than one and a half years, Deafmetal® is coming to meet the Oscar nominated deaf and hard of hearing movie stars and celebrities and will be presented on the 7th and 8th of February in Los Angeles at The DPA Pre-Oscars Style Lounge 2020, at Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel.

. Companies also present in the suite this year are: TomBoy X, Dreamy Creations, Maine Island Soap, the Lab Room, Krama Heritage, Synergy, Truth in hand, Connect with Keao, Topo Chico, Twinkle Brown Sugar, Chipz happen, Linger, Path water, and Carvery Kitchen, Social Sparkling Wine, and Nutrivsta coconut water.