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"Bully" Stars Terry Crews & Ariel Winter, Premieres at the KITS Film Awards

Special thank you to this year’s event Silver Level Sponsors - Schimmel & Parks and Picture Head - for making the KITS Film Awards possible.

"Bully" - the winning script from our inaugural KITS National Short Screenplay Competition - focuses on a lonely teen from a troubled home who is pushed past his breaking point when a bully ruins his chance to take his crush to prom. Jackson-Brown wrote this film so that he could heal the wounds created by the loss of his mother, as well as the physical and emotional abuse he had to overcome throughout his life.

In "Bully," John (played by Terry Crews), is an alcoholic and abusive father who has not dealt with the grief from the loss of his wife, nor the abandonment he feels for his daughter leaving the house after the mother’s death.

After being publicly humiliated by a bully named Maverick, John’s son Mike (played by Rodney Jackson-Brown) heads to school with his father’s gun to confront Maverick. Mike and Maverick both have a crush on Cole (played by Ariel Winter), who is the source of tension between the two of them.

“Bully” is directed by KITS ambassador David Mahmoudieh who has led KITS youth as a director for more than five years, directing some of the organization's most memorable films including “Parallel,” “Kurupted,” “Death's Possessions,” and “Answer That.” David most recently enlisted KITS youth to help him conceptualize Ringo Starr’s newest music video “Let’s Change the World.”