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Another Alumni Joins KITS Board

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Kids In The Spotlight is proud to announce our very own KITS Alumnus, Santiago Chavez, is now a KITS Board Member. And today just so happens to be his birthday!

Santiago Chavez is a New KITS Board Member
Santiago Chavez is a New KITS Board Member

Santiago Chavez is an aspiring director and cinematographer who realized his love for the production after volunteering on a the set of a KITS film in 2019. 5 months later, he was part of the Warner Bros. Summer Program, where he wrote and acted in the film, "Parallel."

He recently directed a short KITS Promo for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s ”Empowering The Next Generation” event. Santiago is also currently enrolled in a screenwriting program with the Christian Entertainment Guild, and is a cinematographer for a docuseries that is currently in production.

We're truly excited to have him on our board & we know he will help advocate for the underserved populations we serve.

Please help us wish Santiago congratulations & a very, very Happy Birthday!!!

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