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A Chance to Celebrate: New Winner is Crowned

Winning Script Named in KITS National Short Screenplay Competition

Speak By Courtney Price-Dukes

Logline: "Faced with a crippling anxiety, a young woman overcomes her fear only by confronting her greatest enemy.”

We can't share the script with you yet, but here's what a few judges had to say:

"I instantly became curious & invested in the story."

" intense moment of vulnerability for the protagonist that will make the completed short instantly memorable."

"The device of her doubting voice being personified was handled really well. That can be a difficult one to pull off, and I think the writer did it really skillfully & thoughtfully."

"Since she realizes it’s only she who is holding herself back, the ending feels well-earned & satisfying."

"It will be a very emotional & powerful film."

Stay tuned for updates on KITS producing Speak in 2023!