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KITS Script-to-Screen Program

Kids In The Spotlight's flagship Script-to-Screen program uses the arts to change the life trajectories of youth who feel overlooked and forgotten. A trauma-informed modality, Script-to-Screen offers youth entry into a desirable and appealing industry while folding therapeutic experiences into the program’s vocational training, using the power of storytelling to help our youth face their pain and find their power. KITS young filmmakers (age groups 12-17, 18-24) write, cast, and star in their own short films, under the mentorship of industry professionals from writers and actors to directors and their crews.

The program prepares youth for entry level jobs and media arts internships, opens the door to a network of industry peers and mentors, and builds the self-confidence of our youth to pursue higher education. Therapists and representatives from the Department of Children and Family Services say that because we empower foster youth to tell their stories their way, our program is one of L.A.’s most effective tools for teaching local foster youth to take ownership of their lives. 

Independence and resiliency are as important, if not more so, than hard skills gained through KITS programs. In the words of KITS alumna Aliah White, "Kids In The Spotlight showed me that my voice is powerful and gave me the confidence to connect with the rest of the world." 

KITS has produced more than 85 films through this program since our inception. See the catalogue of film titles and movie posters below: 

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